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The Otometri mobile app is a user-friendly mobile application which measures the condition of ear in seconds and shows the measurement history visually. You can share the measurement results with your doctor if needed. When you buy the Otometri® measurement device, you get 30 free measurements. The Otometri® measurement device measurement device can be purchased from online stores or is provided to you by the local health care services. The measurement device will be available in Q2/2019.

Remark: the Otometri mobile app will be available in a worldwide distribution. The Otometri® measurement device and Otometri mobile app in combination is in compliance with the Medical Device Directive (MDD 2a -class in Europe). For more detailed information about the availability of Otometri®
measurement device, please contact our Customer Service via email: sales[at]otometri.fi.
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The measurement is based on acoustical analysis of the ear. Selection of tiny acoustical stimulus are sent to ear. The response is analyzed with artificial intelligence based data-analysis - producing the image "red-yellow-green" of the ear condition. All this happens in seconds - being easy and comfortable for the patient – and what is the best – producing reliable reference image.


The acoustic analysis is based on well established Acoustic Reflectometry (AR) and data analysis on artificial neural networks (ANN), both having a substantial amount of research behind. The performance of the AR in middle ear effusion analysis is comparable with the ear evaluation methods typically applied by professionals (tympanometry, pneumatic otoscope). The principle, quality surveillance and benefits of Otometri in health care has been evaluated with good results.

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